Bodryy (1971)

Completed in December 2012.
Primarily plastic.
1/324th scale.

I'm incredibly bored these days, so I decided to try and build a boat to keep the old creative juices flowing.

I've built a lot of older, Victorian and Eduardian era warships over the last couple years, but I want to try something more modern for once. So here is the Bodryy, a Soviet Krivak I class ocean-going anti-submarine frigate commissioned during the height of the Cold War in 1971, scratch-built from trash and recycled junk that I scavenged from around the house. Scale is roughly 1/324th, which means a 405-foot long real-world ship will end up being a 15-inch long model. Perfect size for my limited work and display space.

Materials are almost exclusively cut-up plastic yard signs and scrap bits from my kitchen cabinets, held together with cheapass Testor's model glue. The railings are cut-up window screen and a lot of the tube type structures are either q-tips or drinking straws. A couple of complex shapes are Sculpey clay because I can't make rounded shapes out of plastic that well. Paints are simple acrylic craft paints from Walmart (still have a ton of them from prior projects).

As a topper, here is the Bodryy in real life, cutting through some rough seas in search of Imperialist/Capitalist submarines to hunt...

As I've done lately, there will not be a lot of "work in progress" photos, just a few select shots just to prove to people that I didn't buy this as a kit from a store :). The goal is to not spend more than a few bucks on this model, just burn up some of my existing stocks of raw materials and paint. Let's see how it turns out...

And then she's done. Total time on project was maybe 12 to 14 working hours stretched out over about two weeks or so, a nice easy pace. Total cost was zero dollars (yay!) as I only used existing stocks of materials and paints. Pretty good result for the time and effort, I say!

And here are the final pictures of the Soviet frigate Bodryy...

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