Copper Age Minotaur

Completed in June 2013.
Minoan-style Minotaur with a ball/chain.
9 inches tall.
Sculpey clay.
Acrylic craft paints.

On the heels of my Iron Age Barbarian Monster from last week, today I made a Copper Age Minotaur Monster, just for grins. Not the best end result, but I burned through some more of my old, crappy Wal-mart Sculpey clay and used up some paints that were in danger of drying up, so it's all good. Here are some "in progress" pics and then the finished product at the end. Armature is simple wire, filled out with crumpled aluminum foil and duct tape. Base is two wood blocks glued together. Chains are from my spare parts box from my boat making days. Grass is cut up moss from the floral department of Wal-mart. Paints are acrylics over a Krylon fusion primer coat. The Antique Copper paint is quite nice, just found it in the new mod at Wal-mart, only 2 bucks. Total time to finish was an embarrassingly quick three days. Only dropped it twice in progress, but broken stuff superglues back on nicely.

And here is the final product...

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