USS Eagle Boat Number 1 (1918)

Completed in June 2014.
Primarily plastic.
1/700th scale.

Hello. Bored again this week, though I'd build another model. The subject is one of the little steel-hulled, mass-produced "Eagle Boat"-class ocean-going patrol boats built at the tail end of WWI. Just 200 feet long and lightly-armed, they pretty much disappeared into obscurity between the wars. The scale is 1/700th, which is really small. Here's a nice photo of a real Eagle Boat to show what I'm shooting for...

Took about five hours spaced out over a week to do, pretty easy pace. The main materials are cut-up plastic price signs from work and lots of bits of wire and mesh and the like, rigging is stereo speaker wire, lifeboats are clay, the base is a popsicle stick, water is built-up Elmer's glue, paints are acrylic, yada yada. Here is the finished product...

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