Welcome to Forgotten Jets, my massively time-consuming obession with old military jets from the 1940s to 70s. What I'm attempting to do here is match up operational histories and photos with individual serial/bureau numbers, which is just as difficult as you might imagine (if not a million times more so).

As of this minute I am trying (and failing miserably) to keep track of 292 different subtypes of 62 types, for a grand total of about 135,600 individual airplanes. I am clearly insane...

What's new here...

June 22, 2016: Ok, this is super important, guys. Effective immediately I am no longer taking photos from anyone and over the next few weeks all the existing photo links on the site will be deleted. The site will return to ye olden days where it was text and data-only. Lawyers.

April 4, 2016: Ok, ok, ok, I messed up. After some discussion, I've moved the QT-33A drones back to the original USAF T-33 basic page, just soooo much easier that way to keep the timelines flowing. The from-the-factory TV-2s will still have their own page, and on that will be those few QT-33As that I don't have a USAF serial number match-up for (help!). Hopefully this will work better?

March 31, 2016: After several people suggested it, I finally broke the Navy TV trainers off from both the T-33 and P-80 pages. The two-seaters are here and the single-seaters are here. I also added them to the "US Navy Trainers" tab there on the menu to the right. Hopefully this will work better than the confusing mess I had before.

March 29, 2016: Hey, ya got anything on the Grumman Tracker/Tracer/Trader you want to share with me? I got blank spaces to fill!

March 7, 2016: Hi. Well, my self-imposed deadline is here and it's time to post what I have so far on the old French Dassault Mirage III. Much work still to be done, but I'm sure I won't do it alone :).

February 12, 2016: Bored this week so I thought I'd finally update the About webpage to answer a bunch of questions you might have about my methods (and madness). Feel free to ask me anything, I'm easy. Oh, and the Mirage III is on approach, flaps down...

January 11, 2016: Hi there. Cleaning out some folders again, this time for the hard-to-find T2V/T-1 Seastar, just a starter template for now, hopefully more info will be found. Note that I've added a new “US Navy Trainer” subsection to the right menu.