Welcome to Forgotten Jets, my massively time-consuming obession with old military jets from the 1940s to 70s. What I'm attempting to do here is match up operational histories and photos with individual serial/bureau numbers, which is just as difficult as you might imagine (if not a million times more so).

As of this minute I am trying (and failing miserably) to keep track of 256 different subtypes of 53 types of aircraft, for a grand total of about 116,015 individual airplanes. I am clearly insane...

What's new here...

January 28, 2015: To answer the question, unless things change, 2015 will be a year of Korean War US Navy carrier decks. Will probably also be the year I finally branch out into props...

January 2, 2015: Hi all, Iím back. After a very busy 2014 adding stuff to the old pages, itís time for some new stuff. I have limited free time, so I have to maximize my research efforts as much as I can. Therefore Iíve been working on three similar Russian jets at the same time, trying not to have to go back over the same books and articles more than once. These pages are nowhere near even slightly complete, but my self-imposed deadline has arrived and Iím going to post what I have right now and then add more to them as I find new info (and my readers help!). All three pages are pretty spotty, and but Iím sure that over time they will fill up nicely (they always do). Here are the starter pagesÖ
MiG-15 Fagot
MiG-17 Fresco
MiG-19 Farmer
Note that I cleaned up and rolled my old page for the Polish Lim-5/6 into the new MiG-17 page as they are the same machine. Also, I struggle at times to tell the difference between the MiG-15 and the MiG-17 so Iím sure I have some switched, but theyíll work themselves to the right pages eventually. Thanks!

November 10, 2014: Not dead yet, promise. Been adding new stuff to the existing pages at a rapid clip the last six months or so, very rewarding. Thanks to everyone for their emails and comments, they are extremely helpful. Still on track to start a new plane in January (MiG-15?).

June 9, 2014: Decided to take the rest of 2014 and go back and fill in the blanks and clean up the entries on the existing pages, rather than trying to rush into another type (it's addictive!). So keep those emails coming, they are a wonderful help!