Welcome to Forgotten Jets, my massively time-consuming obession with old military jets from the 1940s to 70s. What I'm attempting to do here is match up operational histories and photos with individual serial/bureau numbers, which is just as difficult as you might imagine (if not a million times more so).

As of this minute I am trying (and failing miserably) to keep track of 237 different subtypes of 55 types of aircraft, for a grand total of about 68,315 individual airplanes. I am clearly insane...

What's new here...

June 9, 2014: Decided to take the rest of 2014 and go back and fill in the blanks and clean up the entries on the existing pages, rather than trying to rush into another type (it's addictive!). So keep those emails coming, they are a wonderful help!

May 3, 2014: As my self-imposed deadline has passed, here is the starter page for the US Navy versions of the McDonnell Douglas F4H/F-4 Phantom II. Tragically incomplete, of course, but I'm sure my readers will step in and help me fill in the blanks and fix the errors :).

April 15, 2014: Just a general note because it has come up a few times this week. I absolutely LOVE getting emails from people, but if you leave the subject line blank, or just put something vague like "photos" or "info" or "86" or the like in the subject line, then my spam filter is going to kick you to the curb :). I'd hate to lose an email from a reader because of this so help a brother out, ok?

January 30, 2014: After many months of tedious work, here is the starter page for the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. Just the land-based versions for now, still needs a lot of fill-in work and such, but I’m at my self-imposed deadline and need to post it. With it being such an “un-forgotten” plane, I’m sure the folks out there will help with the blank spots (my readers are an awesome lot).