Welcome to Forgotten Jets, my massively time-consuming obession with old military jets (and props!) from the 1940s to 70s. What I'm attempting to do here is match up operational histories with individual serial/bureau numbers, which is just as difficult as you might imagine (if not a million times more so).

What's new here...

May 17, 2017:
Hi there, just an update on what's next. Moving even further away from the “jets” part of the website's name, this summer/fall/winter(?) I'm going to be looking into some early US Navy helicopters. I don't know a thing about helos but a total lack of knowledge has never stopped me before :). For no other reason than “I said so” I'm going to keep it just to USN/USMC helos for now, but everything is subject to change, of course. I'm going to start with a Pre-Vietnam batch first, specifically Rescuer, Retreiver, Chickasaw, Mojave, Huskie, HSL, HO3S, and HO5S. If that goes well maybe one day I'll do some of the During/Post-Vietnam helos (maybe Seabat, Sea King, Seasprite, Sea Knight, that sort of thing). We'll see how it goes, you all know how short my attention span is these days.

Meanwhile, as always, please keep sending me updates on all the pages, I am always amazed at how awesome my readers are!