Welcome to Forgotten Jets, my massively time-consuming obession with old military jets from the 1940s to 70s. What I'm attempting to do here is match up operational histories with individual serial/bureau numbers, which is just as difficult as you might imagine (if not a million times more so).

As of this minute I am trying (and failing miserably) to keep track of 66 types for a grand total of about 137,200 individual airplanes. I am clearly insane...

What's new here...

August 26, 2016:
My good friend Ron Picciani just started his own website to display his photo collection and he asked me for a link-back. Please take some time to visit Picciani Aircraft Photos.

July 12, 2016:
Alright, back again! To help get the taste of the recent unfortunate events out of my mouth I thought I'd post what I have on a new type of plane. Going back to the old carrier decks once again for a look at those forgotten twin-engined Trackers/Tracers/Traders. As always, lend me a hand filling out the pages, ok?
Grumman S2F (S-2) Tracker
Grumman TF-1 (C-1A) Trader
Grumman WF-2 (E-1B) Tracer
Note that I made a new "US Navy Assorted" section there on the right for these. Thanks!