HMS Eagle (1889)

Completed in March 2013.
Primarily plastic.
1/35th scale.

Hi there, been a while since I did anything creative so I thought I'd build another boat. This time I'll return to Red Planet Mars for another foray into Steampunk/Victorian Science Fiction. Last year I built a 1/35th scale British robot (see it right here) and now I'll build a 1/35th scale British canal boat to compliment it.

Mars, as you know, is criss-crossed with irrigation canals built eons ago by the Old Empires of Mars. By the time the English colonized the planet in the late 1870s, most of those canals had been long abandoned and silted-over. A fair number of them, however, remained in use around the larger towns and the Brits used these extensively for travel and patrol. The HMS Eagle is a small, locally produced vessel designed for day patrols of the Martian canals, showing the flag and frying a few Hill Martians along the way.

The model is built entirely from salvaged plastic signs and assorted bits from my parts box. The mast is a ballpoint pen, the boiler is the cap off a hairspray can, the funnel is a marker, the steering wheel is from a Lego set, the bumpers and coal sacks are Sculpey clay, rivets are iron-on rhinestones, and the Faraday Ray Gun is a chopped up ink pen mounted on the top of a mascara bottle. Paints are simple Walmart craft paints, I'm a cheap bastard. I only took a few in-progress photos...

The Eagle's crewmen are Sculpey clay and are slimmed down versions of the steam robot's crew (they went on a diet!). They are Leftenant Chunky Chunkingsworth IV, Sergeant Pyle O'Clay, and Lance Corporal Lumpy MacBlobby, all now reassigned to the 1st Martian Inshore Squadron. God speed, boys, and all glory to the Queen!

Total cost for this project was zero dollars, as I only used existing stocks of materials (yay!). Total time from start to finish was about five days of after-kids-to-bed evenings and lunch hours. Pretty pleased with the final product, are here are the pics...

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