Heinkel He-280

Last updated on: March 6, 2012

The He-280 was an early Nazi jet fighter prototype which lost out to the Me-262 in trials. Only nine were built and none saw combat.

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He-280 Prototype V-1
*Coded as DL+AS.
*9/22/1940: First flight.
*1/13/1942: Crashed due to control failure. Pilot ejected safely.

He-280 Prototype V-2
*Coded as GJ+CA.
*3/30/1941: First flight.
*6/26/1943: Crashed due to engine failure.

He-280 Prototype V-3
*Coded as GJ+CB.
*7/5/1942: First flight.
*5/1945: Captured at Wien-Schwechat, Austria.

He-280 Prototype V-4
*Coded as GJ+CC.
*8/31/1943: First flight.
*10/1944: Struck off charge at Hrsching, Austria.

He-280 Prototype V-5
*Coded as GJ+CD.
*7/26/1943: First flight.
*Did not receive any jet engines.

He-280 Prototype V-6
*Coded as NU+EA.
*7/26/1943: First flight.
*Did not receive any jet engines.

He-280 Prototype V-7
*Coded as NU+EB and D-IEXM.
*4/19/1943: First flight.
*Flew a total of 115 towed flights.

He-280 Prototype V-8
*Coded as NU+EC.
*7/19/1943: First flight.

He-280 Prototype V-9
*Coded as NU+ED.
*8/31/1943: First flight.


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