Iron Age Barbarian

Completed in June 2013.
Frankenstein-type monster with an axe.
13 inches tall.
Sculpey clay.
Acrylic craft paints.

Hey, just thought I'd post this today as I've finished it up (aka "given up completely"). It's a 1/6th scale Iron Age Barbarian Monster, a name which I just made up. It was just a test of making a large scale figure entirely out of Sculpey clay. In the end, it ate up about 25 dollars worth of clay, which was more than I was expecting and I'm kicking myself now for trying something so big on a budget. Anyway, here are some "in progress" pics and then the finished product at the end. Armature is simple wire, buffed out with aluminum foil and duct tape, temporary base was a picture frame, axe handle is a dowel rod, scar staples are actual staples, primer coat is a spray can of Krylon Fusion, paints are all cheapass Walmart craft acrylics. Total time to finish was about three evenings, pretty quick.

And here he is, just finished this morning. Now I have to find a place to store him where the kiddos won't bust it...

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