Marbanian Light Carrier (1920s)

Completed in June 2015.
Primarily plastic.
1/700th scale.

So the other day I was poking around and I found this sweetass digital drawing of a group of ships from some sort of dystopian/steampunk/alt-history 1920s setting. It's called the "Marbanian Inshore Squadron" and it seems like it supposed to be for a graphic novel or something that didn't pan out, so all I have is this one piece of artwork. But who cares because it's freaking awesome and I'm going to built them all! Maybe. 1/700th scale? Sounds good. Let's get to cutting up plastic signs and super glueing my fingers together. Here is the original pic...

First up, let's do that carrier thingie, which is in the upper left of that picture, obviously. It's about 230 feet long, and I get that meausurements, and similar ones for all the ships, based on the size of the men we can see on the decks of some of them, plus some logical guesses scaling up from the height of the railings and guns and whatnot. Not exact, but who cares, it's awesome! That will end up being 3.77 inches long, which is tiny. Materials are plastic and paper mostly, with some metal bits and scupley clay here and there. The wooden decks are paper printed out and glued on and the railings are window vent screen. Total time to build was probably a half hour every other day for two weeks, maybe. I probably could have done more in the end to gussy up the details, but to be honest I ran out of steam in the homestretch and just called it done one day. Here are the pics...

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