Meet the MMT Staff!

Million Monkey Theater was formed in August of 2003 by one man with a dream, a sparkle in his eye, and a rudimentary knowledge of html. While the corporate offices were first located in Phoenix, in 2004 MMT moved its operations to the corn fields of Indiana to take advantage of the cheaper overhead and generous tax breaks. In the beginning, the site, which featured lengthy reviews of b-movies, totally sucked ass, but over the years it has gotten somewhat better-ish. MMT's staff now consists of two fulltime employees and two crack research interns, and has an annual operating budget approaching fifteen whole dollars.

Head Writer Nathan

Your humble host and the founder of MMT. I might still be in charge solely because I am the only one with the password to the file manager.

Editor in Chief Pam

MMT's chief Evil Mad Scientist. From the wilds of far off Maryland, she evaluates all the reviews for scientific accuracy, and when she doesn't know whether or not what's happening onscreen is scientifically accurate, she makes something up. Loyal and dedicated to MMT as she is, frequent accidents occur in her basement lab. Until that day she blows herself up, she will contribute her vast scientific knowledge and bottomless well of smartass comments to help make MMT all that it can be.

Multi-Media Intern and Menu Advisor Kelby

Once a promising young intern, Kelby has become a lazy and unmotivated bastard. He has been causing disruption and dissention at the MMT home offices, often showing up late, or not at all, keeping his workstation messy, and leaving "hairball surprises" in the breakroom. His personal life has also been an issue lately, as he's been hanging out with the emo kids and spending all his stipend checks on booze and hookers. Once a good-looking cat, his weight has ballooned up to 25 pounds on a steady diet of chocolate Yoo-hoo drinks and half-eaten double cheeseburgers pulled out of the trash. I found him passed out in the freight elevator the other day, reeking of cheap boxed wine and cigarettes, utterly disgraceful. I might have to let him go.

Junior Research Intern Jonesy

The newest of MMT's interns, having just come onboard in 2008. An expert in the fields of photoshop and cascading style sheets, as well as batting toys and chasing milk rings around the office, Jonesy has the energy and enthusiasm of a cat half his age. I'm afraid, however, that he's slowly being corrupted by Kelby. The quality of his work has been sliding at bit, he tends to take longer lunches than usual, and he actually had the audacity to ask me about changing our dental plan. Still, he's cute, so I'm going to overlook that. For now.

So long, Intern Milo, you will be missed!

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