Frickin auf dem Mond (1971)

Hi all, Nate here with a review of a crappy sci-fi made-for-television movie from Nazi Germany. Filmed during the Enlightenment Era in the 1970s, after a senile Hitler had been pursuaded to move Germany more towards the West, this film was a modest success at the time but has become a cult classic in recent years.

The plot is pretty simple, a young woman named Vanya (played by Bertha Gott), is visited at her farm in Germany one day by crewmen of the Moon Base. It seems they are short of women and in need of "test subjects".

The Moon Base needs women.

She's taken to the Moon Base, a place she's only seen on news reels, and is amazed at how decadent and Machivellian it is.

The evil is evident in the design.

There Vanya meets Adolph Hitler, who had retired there in the 1960s when he grew tired of living in Antarctica. She is also shocked to see that there are aliens at the base! Pam, what ends up happening to poor Vanya on the Moon Base?

The Grays seem to be friends.

Thanks, Nate, I'll take it from here. Well, Vanya gets probed. Hard. The end.

Yes, it's that kind of movie.

The End.

Written in June 2014 by Nathan Decker and Pam Burda.

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